Infinite Lagrange celebrating Earth Day with a variety of events

Infinite Lagrange celebrating Earth Day with a variety of events

Developer NetEase has announced that its sci-fi space simulation game, Infinite Lagrange, is celebrating our lovely planet Earth with a variety of in-game events. These include some audio presentations of the history of the planet, a musical celebration, and the ability to make your own custom variant of an in-game structure.

Infinite Lagrange is a bit of an oddball, as it covers so many genres of gameplay, with MMO mechanics, strategy combat, and even some management mechanics as well. Regardless, in honour of the Earth Day event, it’s adding in a new structure that you can edit and customize yourself that basically allows you to develop your very own ecosystem. Once a day, the Atmospheric Environment Cylinder will require you to keep an eye on it for a bit and report how it’s grown and adjusted to whatever changes you may have made to it.

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The musical oddity taking place throughout space during the runtime of this event is the Warp Bells. These bells will play across the entire space system three times a day at various times, and if you tune in, you’ll receive a reward for the first listen of the day. This comes alongside the History of Earth Day audio presentation that you can listen to at any point during the event, which is exactly that, an audio walkthrough of how various cultures celebrate the holiday.

There’s another musical add-on you can find during the Earth Day celebration as well, a golden record that will allow you to give your version of Infinite Lagrange a special Spring-themed, well, theme song. And lastly, you have a sale on some in-game items that’ll discount various ship upgrade materials and parts.

If you love space simulations, this is perhaps the grandest of any that are available in your pocket. And, given the celebrations, this is the perfect time to get into it. You can do so for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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