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Infinite Lagrange: Beginner’s Guide

| Infinite Lagrange
Infinite Lagrange: Beginner’s Guide

Everything you need to know to start your interstellar adventure

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As a complete beginner to Infinite Lagrange, diving into the immersive universe within the game could be quite overwhelming at the start. You’ve got various resources to keep track of, ships to upgrade, and you need to know exactly how to manage your time.

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If you find it difficult to understand some of the game’s mechanics, this guide should come in handy. It’ll give you some more information on how to manage your resources like a pro, how to set up the best strategy for your playstyle when sieging an enemy, and it’ll also tackle some of the best beginner ships. Let’s check it out!

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How to better manage your resources

Primary Resources

On the main screen at the top from left to right you have metal, crystal, and deuterium are the standard resources. Once you tap on the Resource Storage menu, the main way of acquiring these resources will pop up.

Most of these resources are from mining and you will use them towards your base buildings. For more information you can simply tap on the Resource Storage menu and there you see how many of these resources you earn per hour depending on the area where you farm.

Action Points

In order to perform any movements or fleet actions you are going to need Action Points (the orange currency). Action Points regenerate over time without you having to do anything specific. Currently the regeneration rate of Action Points per hour is 20.

There are other currencies in the game, such as the Chu Coins and Proxima Coins, but don’t worry about that just yet. Proxima Coins will be used to buy financial plans later on, but we’ll dive into that in a more advanced guide. Your best chance is to avoid spending them until later on.

For the first 3 days of play time, players have a shield to protect them against enemy player attacks, so take advantage of that if you want to mine in a heavily populated area.

At the moment, all you need to learn is how to have a steady income. Your best chance would be to find a quiet place in the asteroid belt and mine there. Try to stay away from the other players, until you are confident that you can survive an encounter.

Research and construct new ships at all times


From the main screen you can tap on the Research option at the bottom right of the screen. There, you can drag a crate onto one of the research slots and that action will open a menu. For the most part you'll find weapon upgrades that have no timer but there's also a good chance that you will find research or tech points and even ship blueprints.

Ship blueprints are very rare and that's the point of researching and progressing so don't expect to find them easily. Once you have gathered 15 research points, you can use them to get another crate with a very high chance of (at least a partial) blueprint in it.

Ship Construction

Unlocking the blueprints is just the first step in the process of building a ship. The most important part is to actually build it. Each ship has a resource cost to build that you have to pay once, but also a command cost in order to maintain it.

Command cost is what prevents players from having an infinite number of ships but the cap can be raised in your base through construction improvements.

Ship Production

In each shipyard slot you can start producing multiple ships of the same variant. Through construction you can unlock additional shipyard slots. In order to speed up the ship production players can use speed ups. We’d recommend not using these speed ups if possible, and just waiting it out. It’ll take a few hours, but it’s better not to spend resources on this.

What to aim for in your early fleet composition

If you have played any RPG games in the past then you are probably familiar with the terms tank, support and damage carry. Those are the roles that your ships will assume in Infinite Lagrange as well. That balance is something that you should keep in mind when you are building your fleet.

Role: Front Row (Tank)

Front row role means that this kind of ship is a higher priority for the enemy fleet. In RPG terms, think of it as a tank that taunts enemies and takes aggro.

FG-300 Armored Frigate

One of the most important ships that you get for free at the start or the game is a variant of FG-300. You should try to get that one as soon as possible. Why is it so important? That’s because this ship has a lot of armor for the early game - and armor is basically flat damage reduction.

This type of ship has 15 armor and to give you an example, if the incoming damage is 20, that ship will only take 5 damage. Of course, the ship can also be upgraded in order to have even more. Keep in mind here that weapons will deal a minimum of 10% damage regardless of the target's armor. Try to build as many as you can.

Role: Back Row (damage)

When you build your fleet as a general rule you want to position your main damage carry in the back line. Ships that are heavy damage dealers are not tanky at all by default, and that means they’re prone to dying a lot quicker.

FG-300 Multi Role Frigate

This type of ship will act as your main damage carry and it will stay behind your front row tank. As mentioned above, a tank ship will absorb the majority of the enemy fire but some of it will go through, so expect this ship to take some kind of damage.

This variant certainly isn't the best but it is good enough to get you started. Now if you want to get something special as your damage carry, this is the part where the United Tech files come into play. If you managed to get the Winged Hussar destroyer, this ship has some serious damage output starting at 440 without upgrades and it can safely carry you to mid game.

If you are looking for something even more advanced than this later on in the game , take a look at Ranger - Torpedo Frigate. Keep in mind that these bought ships cannot gain exp so at some point Winged Hussar will out damage it.

How to take cities and siege

There are different levels of sieges starting from level 2, 3 ,5 ,7 ,10 with the difficulty increasing accordingly. Obviously as a new player you want to start with level 2 siege as you need to have a little bit of practice and get used to the mechanics before trying higher levels.

How to start a siege in Infinite Lagrange

When a city is not under declared war (it will look orange), all you have to do is tap on it and declare war. For a level 2 siege, three to four players should be sufficient but you are going to need a much bigger party in order to take a city of a higher level.

Every city has a number of defense fleets, with each fleet having a different operation zone. If you siege a city that doesn't belong to a union, those ships are going to be NPCs. If you have declared war on that city then anyone who gets into that area will automatically be dragged into a battle.

What you want to do is position your fleet properly before you start the siege. Place 3 or 4 on each zone and the rest around the station in between the zones. You don't want to place more than 4 as there's a high chance of getting stuck due to the game mechanics.

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