Infinite Lagrange's latest update brings a new diverse organisational structure featuring Clans, Guilds, Unions, and Communities

Infinite Lagrange's latest update brings a new diverse organisational structure featuring Clans, Guilds, Unions, and Communities

NetEase Games has just released a massive update for its mobile space sim, Infinite Lagrange. The Pioneers have reached much greater heights, leaving the simple solar system far behind as they explore more of the universe's secrets. Humanity is moving towards deep space through their two-way stargates and the time has come to establish a new organisational structure comprising Clans, Guilds, then Union, and the Community.

Infinite Lagrange’s latest update focuses on these diverse organisations. The family-style structure began with the Trujillo Clan that created the Sacrum Chu Imperium by seizing and accumulating resources. Once the Imperium collapsed the Guild was born from the military which eventually became the Germanicus Corps and Ares Corps. All this chaos led to Pioneers uniting and banding together to form various organisations.

The simulator will now feature three organisations – Clans, Guilds, and Unions featuring 30, 50, and 100 members, respectively. Each system has its own unique talents, officer systems, tier concepts, and diverse patterns. On reaching a particular scale of Pioneers, players will be able to enforce Org Operation and partake in larger operations as well.

All the Clans will have their own Warehouse they can use to trade resources, Guilds have a Dockyard to transfer fleets to Guild members, and the Union is the system with much stronger commanding capabilities. Unlocking Talents can increase the number of operations that can be performed and members who form part of the group.

By signing the Star System Agreement and the Community Agreement, these structures can form their own communities as well. Clans can form Consortiums, Guilds can establish Legions, and Unions will be able to make Alliances. There is an upper limit of 150 members who take part in the Star System Development Rating which is a major collaboration between the organisations.

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