Kemco releases yet another JRPG on the Google Play Store

Infinite Dunamis is its name

Kemco releases yet another JRPG on the Google Play Store

Another month, another Android role-playing game from Kemco.

It's difficult to imagine the sort of JRPG production line the developer must have set up back at HQ. I suspect it involves whips.

Anyway. Kemco's latest JRPG for Android is entitled Infinite Dunamis, and it features lots of big-haired anime-style characters fretting about problems that are just too big for them to handle on their own.

Set after a terrible war between machines and Man, the game revolves around a chap called Luke who finds a half-robot half-human girl in a cave. The pair then end up entangled in a conspiracy that threatens the entire world.

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Other characters you are likely to encounter here include a tall, cynical man called Vince and an odd-looking young girl called Chelsea.

Everything is presented in standard JRPG fashion, with a world map to explore and turn-based battles to fight your way through.

If you've room in your life (and on your Android device) for another retro-styled JRPG, then you can pick up Infinite Dunamis from the Google Play Store right now for the knock-down price of £2.99.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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