Game Creators bring iDork's note pad world to App Store

Think Line Rider meets platformer

Game Creators bring iDork's note pad world to App Store
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Maybe it's like one of those puzzles where you have to change the letters of a word one at time to get from 'Stupid' to 'Clever' (actually I think that's impossible) but The Game Creators - the guys behind the million-download iDare app - have twisted their vocab wheel a couple of stops and come up with iDork.

From the video footage and screenshots, it looks like a neat concept - a bit like Line Rider meets a platformer.

Your hero - of course - is the titular iDork. You control him at the start of each school book level by drawing a line (or lines) to guide him through the obstacles that are dotted around.

However it's not just static sharpened pencils protractors, staple removers and pencil sharpener blades that he has to avoid. Moving objects, such as a sketched gun that shoots bullets and UFOs also have the potential to decease the fragile iDork, so you'll have to hit the jump touch button in the top left corner too.

Twenty five levels of homework-based toil [Surely fun?- Ed] will be available, ranging from single screens to scrolling environments, and more will be released as updates over time.

iDork is due out any time now and will be available via a half price introductory offers of 99 cents or 59p until the end of July.
Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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