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Join the Idle Survivors - 4 Reasons to Play this innovative Idle RPG

Join the Idle Survivors - 4 Reasons to Play this innovative Idle RPG

There are so many ideas of how Doomsday could occur and here's a new one in the palm of your hand! Max Game presents a scenario where you need to lead human survivors against an alien force that has already tried to take you down before invading. It's an Idle RPG that's made to thrive whether you're taking direct control of operations or are simply setting up strategies in place while you're away from the action. All that matters is that you're prepared for everything that Idle Survivors: Last Stand has to offer when you decide to take it up and take the fight to outer space!

A focus on amazing vehicles

When it comes to defending the earth, the heroes and the people tend to get the spotlight. They certainly deserve a lot of the credit, especially when their skills allow them to make, pilot, and upgrade awesome vehicles for the fight. There's a big emphasis on the role that vehicles play in defending the earth, having five different forms for you to upgrade and unlock. These include classics like the Armed Jeep and Tanks, and if you're really dedicated to being a gearhead, you'll even get to play with a giant mech. Make sure you test out and upgrade all their vehicles as you unleash their destructive power on the battlefield.

Stylish characters - both in appearance and gameplay

When a scenario is as bleak as dealing with a deadly plague at the same time as an alien invasion, the art can provide some colour and levity. This is a fully 3D Idle game that may have you looking from above for the big battles but taking you in close when improving the cast of characters, you'll have on your team. They'll range from rogue warriors to cybernetic angels as they combine their strengths and skills to create a fighting force that you can be proud to call yours. The more heroes you have, the more team dynamics you can test out.

Streamlined team and base-building system

Idle Survivors is going to give you a lot of options at the start, and you'll only unlock more as you keep playing. To help you organize all your heroes and vehicles into teams that can handle any threat, the game offers a system that neatly combines them into one of five camps and six jobs. This makes upgrading heroes together a breeze with its Resonance mechanic and also provides idle AFK benefits and lossless resets, as well as a variety of strategic possibilities for team deployment.

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So many types of game modes

An idle game is designed to play while you're away, but this one wants to make sure that you have options when you want to play it yourself. It's chock full of so many different game modes that you'll always have something to do while setting up other processes. These modes include trials, roguelike dungeons and funny mini games. There will also be Random Events that appear throughout the city as you play. These provide a fun and light contrast to the Doomsday scenario with activities to test your memory or play slots.

If you can't wait any longer, you can look forward to some bonuses as soon as you're able to sign up. The Newbie offers will give 1200 free summons over the course of a generous 7-day login event to quickly fill out your character roster and prospective teams. You'll also get a special frame for your avatar picture and the chance to earn more rewards in the War Ceremony. If that's not enough, you can also enter the time-limited code "SLAYLIENS" to get a huge bounty of items like more Summons, Diamonds, Currency, and more. Get ready to pummel that plague and attack those aliens!

If you’re ready to try Idle Survivors: Last Stand for yourself then you can find it available to download right now free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It’s free-to-play and features in-app purchases.

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