Icy Ropes tips - How to climb that slippery high-score table

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Icy Ropes tips - How to climb that slippery high-score table
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PlaySide's Icy Ropes recently climbed to the summit of the US App Store.

But while it's essentially a one-button endless runner, there's a real knack to making any kind of progress at all. Yes, you're tapping to jump over gaps, but matters are complicated by the fact that your spring-heeled climber is tethered to another.

This makes playing the game altogether trickier, so we thought we'd share a few tips help you on your way.

It's the fall that kills you

The crucial thing to master is releasing the jump button at the right moment. Given that your climbers have a sense of inertia, this isn't as simple as doing so when you're immediately over the platform.

This also means that the timing of your release should change depending on the height of the target platform. If it's higher, you can afford to release the button later, while if the platform is lower you need to release earlier.

The end of your tether

While the tether than binds together your climbers is flexible, it's not unlimited, and it will tighten and start to pull the the rear climber forward if it's overstretched.

Of course, this tends to happen at the most precarious times, when the two climbers are stood far apart and on different levels, with a gaping chasm in between.

To counteract this, you should try and land climbers as close to one another as possible, using the full width of the platforms. Also, you shouldn't hang around when you can see that the rope is stretched and pulling the rear climber forward, but quickly activate the rear jumper. Once they're safely landed at a lesser distance, with more virtual slack, you can afford to take a breather.

Speed can be a life saver

Generally speaking, a steady approach to jumping is recommended. However, you'll inevitably encounter those heart-sinking moments where your climber's feet aren't properly planted, their landing surface is tilted, or you can see that they're going to miss their landing.

This isn't necessarily the end of your run, and in such situations speed is key. As long as one climber has their feet on a platform, you have a chance.

Simply jump before they are dragged off by their falling partner and you will pull your partner back up into the air. Of course, you'll be taking your chances with a safe landing for the fallen climber, but it's better than the alternative

Dragged kicking and screaming

Indeed, that latter move can be carried on for a surprising amount of time, to the point where it's an essential technique to master.

As long as your lead climber lands and you're quick about it, you can keep bouncing from one platform to the next, dragging your poor partner behind you, pretty much indefinitely. Eventually they will settle on a platform and restore the calm, but in the meantime it's worth viewing this as an alternative, more frantic mode rather than a last gasp effort.

Do you have any more helpful tips for Icy Ropes? Do please share in the comments below.
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