iBowl rolls onto the App Store

Follow-up to the surprise iPhone success, iGolf

iBowl rolls onto the App Store
| iBowl

We were looking at iGolf again just the other day, with mouths agape as it clocked up 500,000 downloads from the App Store; though it's now fast approaching the one million mark.

Clearly its developer, SGN, was prepared for such unprecedented success as it's just release the follow-up title, iBowl. Following similar principles to the golfing game, by adapting the sport's simple premise to the intuitive iPhone controls, iBowl promises to allow gamers to add spin, as well as speed, when chasing those virtual strikes.

"We are continuing to push the boundaries of social gaming to engage all gamers and enthusiasts in innovative ways through our creative use of platforms such as the iPhone," said Shervin Pishevar, CEO of SGN, while behind the wheel of a brand new Ferrari California (possibly). "The success we have seen with iGolf demonstrates the demand for this kind of entertainment for all audiences."

iBowl marks the second in SGN's planned series of sporting conversions for the iPhone, so keep a close eye on Pocket Gamer for more accelerometer-controlled athletics news as it lands.