iBomber next up to ‘do a Peggle’

CobraMobile drops a price-bomb with update imminent

iBomber next up to ‘do a Peggle’
| iBomber

It’s becoming less of a trend and more standard practice for iPhone developers to temporarily drop the price of their apps in order to give sales a shot in the arm.

iBomber from CobraMobile is the latest to ‘do a Peggle’ and drop to £0.59p - this time for a whole week rather than a weekend.

This may seem to be an odd strategy, given that the game has consistently found itself “in the App Store's top 20 all across Europe” according to CobraMobile. All became clear when the developer contacted us to let us know about an upcoming update that “will add New Missions, Tilt Sensitivity options and Software 3.0 features”.

Which, along with the new price-point, should make the game all but irresistible to anyone sitting on the fence. As you’ll see from our review, iBomber is well worth a purchase even at full price.