Psychological thriller I Saw Black Clouds is out now for iOS

Psychological thriller I Saw Black Clouds is out now for iOS
| I Saw Black Clouds

After a successful run on PC and Consoles, I Saw Black Clouds has officially launched for iOS. The FMV game follows Kristina, who is forced to return to her hometown after the death of her best friend. She soon discovers that her best friend’s death was no mere accident; there are some dark secrets surrounding it. Eventually, she discovers what really caused the death and it is something she never could have imagined.

The director and writer of I Saw Black Clouds, Ross McNamee. has given an insight into the FMV’s creation and elements that inspired him to make this psychological thriller. He stated that the game is heavily influenced by David Lynch and dramas like The Sinner. The idea was not to focus on multiple different endings like most FMVs, but to create a complex narrative with powerful performances.

He said, “It’s more about the emotional experience you encounter when playing the game and how you connect with the characters and the moral choices you make. It’s really interesting what trauma and guilt can do to us and how it can alter our perspective.”

Ross used the emotion of guilt as the game’s core. He believes that guilt can twist the mind and blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Guilt forces one to find a resolution and that is the very heart of the game.

Another inspiration for I Saw Black Clouds was the Alcasser murders in Spain, 1992. Ambiguity and instability of the plot combined with a delusional psychological state in his characters created the game’s thrilling atmosphere. He said that an area he was extremely interested in was a character’s internal struggle and moral conflict.

iOS users can now witness all of this from Kristina’s point of view, someone who’s strong on the outside but vulnerable inside. We will see her reality get distorted, her stress and tension rise, and finally,the resolution toit all.

Download I Saw Black Clouds for $5.99 USD on the App Store now.

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