I Love Hue review - A more complex than usual colour matching puzzler
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I Love Hue is a visual puzzle game. It's the sort of thing that, if you're colour blind, you're not going to have even the slightest chance with. But if you're not, it's worth a look.

And looking is pretty much all it entails. There's no particular dextrous skill required here. You're just sliding blocks around a grid.

The twist comes from the colour of each block. You need to make a line of hues that connect two sides of the grid. And while things might start off sedate, it doesn't take long to sink its challenge claws deep.

Blue dabadi

The game starts you off with a group of colours. Then it shuffles some of them around. If there's a dot in the middle it's fixed, if not you can swipe them around.

The aim is to put everything back in the right order. And to start off with it's reasonably simple, because you've only got a handful of lines to concentrate on.

But then things get trickier. You've got intersections of hues to think about, and the colours you're swizzling get more alike.

You might not be testing your reactions, but there's still a level of tension here. And sometimes that can boil over into frustration. Which isn't exactly ideal.

Things get hard pretty darn quickly as well. But nothing really changes from puzzle to puzzle, just the shape of the grid that you're trying to rearrange.

And that means that, unless you really like colours, it's unlikely that this one is going to grab you in any meaningful way.

Colour line

There's nothing wrong with I Love Hue. It does everything that it sets out to do with skill, and it's pretty damn well put together as well.

It just loses its sparkle after a few rounds. Dedicated puzzlers with an affinity for colour will lap it up, but the rest of us might be left wondering what all the fuss is about.

I Love Hue review - A more complex than usual colour matching puzzler

I Love Hue has a nice idea at its core, but there's not much to it apart from that
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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