HyperBrawl Tournament: Three things to know about the futuristic sports game

HyperBrawl Tournament: Three things to know about the futuristic sports game

Arena style sports action

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HyperBrawl Tournament is a fast-paced, futuristic kind of sports game that's available on iOS. It was one of the first games to be featured on the popular Apple Arcade. It's a unique game in that, it combines a sport like Handball with a sport like football (or soccer in the US).

Two teams face off and try to score on each other's goals. This is a simple concept to understand, no doubt about that. The game does provide a challenge though despite the straightforward rules. This is due in big part to the fact that you'll be playing against other players. Online play is always competitive, as we know.

But, with HyperBrawl Tournament being one of the more recognizable games on the Apple Arcade, it could continue to pique the interest of new players. So here, we'll tell you a few things that you should know about this newly created (virtual) sport.

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You Can Knock Out Players

HyperBrawl Tournament arena

A signature element of HyperBrawl Tournament is the ability to hit opponents. By knocking out your foes, they will be sidelined for a few seconds before respawning. This can leave things open for your team to go for a score, as you outnumber the other squad.

Hitting other players is a lot of fun and definitely puts the "Brawl" in HyperBrawl. And the speed is just right for how the game is played. Players move slow enough to help you buy a little time and to be fair. The arenas are pretty small already, leading to plenty of close encounters so it's nice that the speed isn't over the top.

But hitting the other team isn't necessary to win, but it certainly can give you a major advantage. It really makes each match pretty intense. So overall, this is one thing you'll notice quickly when you play in matches throughout your HyperBrawl career. The game lives up to its name.

There's a Good Practice Mode

One thing that may get overlooked sometimes in mobile games is the lack of a good practice mode. Some may allow you to go through the tutorial again, but not a free-based type of practice mode. HyperBrawl Tournament's offering gives you some freedom.

You can practice a little bit of everything from scoring to hitting and everything else in between. Perhaps you want to work on your movement, and how to avoid others when on offense. You can do so at your leisure when playing the mode.

It's a good way to not only work on your game but also to kill some time if you'd like. There are times where you want to get your fix, but maybe you don't necessarily feel like playing a game. That's where a good old-fashioned practice/training mode comes into play.

You Can Play Online and Offline

There are many PvP (player versus player) games out there where it's a requirement to have an internet connection and player against real-world players. And although this is always pretty fun, especially when matched up with players who equal your skill level, you may want to play offline sometimes.

Well, in HyperBrawl Tournament, this is possible. You can freely play offline or online games at your leisure when you fire up the game. This gives you some freedom of choice, so you're not forced into playing one or the other. Playing offline can also be great for practice.

We talked about the great training mode the game has, but if you want the full blow competitiveness, then you can definitely give offline a shot. And then, when you're ready to get into the real deal, you can fire up online mode and go for gold.

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