HyperBrawl Tournament: Tips to help you in this punch and score sport

HyperBrawl Tournament: Tips to help you in this punch and score sport

Brawl your way to victory, own the arena.

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HyperBrawl Tournament is an Apple Arcade game that has some handball vibes to it but with a twist. It's fast-paced and is very futuristic in its aesthetic. In many ways, it mixes a few different sports into one. You have your classic scoring method of putting a ball in a goal for starters.

Other element includes punching and kicking. Yep, that's right, now you know why the game is called HyperBrawl, not HyperGoal. You can punch and kick your way to a win. The assault is, in many ways, your defense

In short, it seems like a blend of handball, football (soccer), and mixed martial arts. The matches are two-on-two and the arena is fairly tight. So you can expect constant action and beatdowns. We'll give you some basic tips to get you firing away in the arena.

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Work on your throwing accuracy

Throwing is the most important aspect of the HyperBrawl Tournament. This, of course, is how you score in a match. But, throwing is not as easy as you think it is. Sometimes it can be tricky to get the aim arrow on-point and in the direction you want it. 

Another thing to remember too is that you can't hold your windup for too long. If you do, then you'll automatically release the ball. So you need to aim accurately and do it quickly. So this is something to definitely practice because this how you make the donuts. 

One strategy that can work when throwing is to get as close to the goal as possible. When you do, then even if your throw is a bit off, it will likely go in the net. So try to get close. Just know that your opponents will try to give you a good old fashion whooping. Grab the ball, avoid them, and fire away. 

Punch and kick their lights out

Each match is going to have a lot of fighting going on and it plays a huge role in your team's success. Go ahead and mash those buttons. Beat down your foes before taking the ball and going for the score. Keep on going for the hits because there's one thing it does that can truly give you an advantage. 

After a few good hits, your opponents will get knocked out. It will take a few seconds for them to respawn so you should be licking your chops at that moment. Be swift and pick up the ball and go for the throw while you can. Just because they need to respawn, doesn't mean it's an automatic score. 

You'll be surprised how quickly they'll come back at you and give you a few blows. Just don't panic. Grab that ball, try to get closer to the goal and throw. No need to go for a panicky long-throw unless you feel confident with your long-range skills. In short; knock them out, see ball, get ball and score. 

Pass the ball

With such a small arena, it's easy to think that passing doesn't really matter. But it certainly does and can be overlooked. Opponents are always trying to knock you out so it's good to dish it off to your teammate. If you need to, play a little keep away. 

Just make sure there is some separation between you and your partner. The last thing you want is for both of you get ganged on because you're close to each other. Separate, and get the ball moving. I understand that it can be tricky at times. 

This is because matches can seem overwhelming at times with all of the constant punching and kicking going on. But just try to separate yourselves and make smart passes. Dishing the rock is a form of playmaking and what better way to score than to make a good solid play? 

Play in free mode

There is a nifty little free play mode under the practice menu category. Go ahead and dive into it. You can't really work on things like passing and defense, but you can perfect your offense. You can play in this mode as long as you want, kind of like in popular sports games like NBA 2K or FIFA. 

It's easy to jump into games all of the time and don't get me wrong; sometimes playing in matches is the best way to practice. As great as learning on the fly is, you should never underestimate the importance of a good practice mode, especially freestyle ones. 

If you're struggling with longer throws, then this is an excellent way to work on them. Go ahead and go for the home run shots. Another thing you can work on is your reaction time to the ball. After you score, the ball will respawn and be tossed into the arena. Practice your awareness on those resets. This is a good way to get the ball right away and try and get a quick score. 

Always remember that practice makes perfect. Take advantage of what HyperBrawl Tournament has to offer. 




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