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How to read books on DS

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How to read books on DS

With the price of audio books ever increasing, why not switch back to that old favourite: the written word? But don't worry about having to carry books around with you. With DS Reader you can read any e-book (or text file) on your DS. It even has a great little bookmarking function to keep track of your progress.

Download files
The first step is to download the files you'll need. If you are a tidy little bod, you may want to collect them together in a folder on your PC. You need to download the following: – DS Reader: from here
– DLDI File System Patcher Software: from here
– DLDI Driver File: from here
How to read books on DS 1

Unzip the DS Reader software
You'll want to do this into a folder on your PC. 1. Unzip the file that you downloaded during Step 01.
2. Keep the folder to hand on your desktop or similar location.
How to read books on DS 2

Patch DS Reader software
Because DS Reader uses a generic file system library, it needs to be patched so it can access files on your particular homebrew card. 1. Extract the Patcher software to a folder on your PC.
2. Run the dlditool32.exe program.
3. Click the DLDI File button and browse to the location of the DLDI driver file you downloaded during Step 01. Ensure you have downloaded the DLDI driver file for your particular homebrew card from the list provided here.
4. Click the Binaries button, browse to the folder on your desktop and select the DSReader.nds file.
5. You can now copy the following files to the root folder of your homebrew card:
– Game file: DSReader.nds
– TrueType font: arial.ttf (you could also download any other TrueType font you prefer)
– Sample Text: alice.txt (you can also copy across any e-book or text file)
How to read books on DS 3

Start DS Reader
You can now fire up the DS Reader software. 1. Remove your homebrew card or memory stick from your PC.
2. Insert your homebrew card into your DS.
3. Turn on the DS power and run the DSReader.nds file.
4. Be patient – the software will take a moment to load.
How to read books on DS 4
Set up DS Reader
Once the DS Reader software is loaded, you can set it up for use as follows: 1. Stroke the bottom screen upwards to open the menu.
2.Tap the Folder icon to open a file. This enables you to browse the files on the homebrew card. You can add books to read by copying the text file to your homebrew card. Browse to the required file and tap Open. The file will open.
3. Tap the Book icon to open files and work with bookmarks.
– If you are midway through a book, create a bookmark to enable you to continue later by tapping Save Bookmark, and then tapping a Save slot. If you've already created a bookmark, open books here rather than the Folder icon as you can continue reading from the same point.
4. Tap the Font icon to adjust the fonts. You can adjust the size, style and background colour. Tap Load to use any TrueType font you have on your Homebrew card.
5. Tap the Screen icon to adjust the display. You can choose whether to view the book on either both or just one screen.
6. Close the menu with a downward stroke.
How to read books on DS 5
Get reading
Now you have set up DS Reader, you can grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy an evening or two's good reading. 1. Tap the Folder icon to open your book.
2. Advance pages by pressing the Left shoulder button or pressing the D-pad right.
3. Go back pages by pressing the Right shoulder button or pressing the D-pad left.
4. When you need a break, tap the Book icon to create a bookmark for later. Further information can be found here. Don't miss our other DS How Tos.
How to read books on DS 6