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How to get games on your Apple Watch

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How to get games on your Apple Watch

So the Apple Watch is here. And if you're anything like us, the first thing you'll want to do with it is see how it stacks up as a gaming machine. Well, my friend, here's how to get games on your device.

If you need something to play, check out our list of Apple Watch games you can get right now.


First things first, let's find a game. There are two places to look: you can find a game with Apple Watch support on the iPhone's normal App Store, or you can easily find compatible apps in the main Apple Watch app.

The difference is that apps you download from the App Store won't automatically install on your Watch (more on that in a second) but those that come from the Apple Watch app will.

So that means if you get, say, Trivia Crack from the Apple Watch it will appear on your Apple Watch shortly after it has installed on your iPhone. Otherwise…


Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and from the 'My Watch' section find the game of your choosing from the list. Tap it, then slide the box that says "Show App on Apple Watch"


And you're done. It will install on the Apple Watch app screen just like it does on your iPhone. And when that's over, you can tap on it to load the game.

If you can't find the Apple Watch app screen, just press the digital crown in like a button to get there. Oh, and remember that you'll need your iPhone with you to play third party apps like games.


If you want every compatible to appear on your Watch when you download them, even if you get them from the normal App Store, go to 'General' in 'My Watches' in the Apple Watch app and pick 'Automatic Downloads'.

From here you can make it automatically download Watch apps when normal apps come down the pipe.