Honkai Impact 3rd is launching version 6.2 The Chrono and the Hare soon

Honkai Impact 3rd is launching version 6.2 The Chrono and the Hare soon

Hoyoverse has just announced an update for its action mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd. Version 6.2, titled The Chrono and the Hare will launch on December 8th. It will showcase a totally different version of Ai-chan, as the once cabbage-header girl has now become the powerful Miss Administrator. The update also adds a new SP character with more modes, outfits, and rewards, as the exploration of the moon continues.

This update introduces Ai Hyperion Λ, who has proclaimed herself as the Miss Administrator. Chrono Navi: Ai Hyperion Λ is a mech-melee type fighter who deals fire damage and has a chakram for support that is capable of providing buffs to teammates. The chakram also functions as a boomerang and Ai’s agile moves allow her to slash through enemies using it.

A featured event called The Honkai Salvation Log is also going to lie, which is a fun one, allowing players to team up with AI and go to digital space, where they fix Honkai Impact 3rd’s bugs. Different Ai-chans will show up through different regions of the story and players will earn a bunch of rewards such as Midnight Absinthe's new outfit Spectral Raven for completing this challenge.

Moving forward, more information about the nature of Honkai and Project Stigma will be seen too. There are a bunch of new quests waiting on the moon including upcoming game modes such as Remains of the Old World and Iron Mirage too. These should be released in due time.

In these events, players will explore secret facilities that were abandoned by an unknown civilization, for which they will be handsomely rewarded. Beating Thunder will also be available in this version, and players that manage to complete four specific missions will be awarded the Herrscher of Thunder Character Card on the event page.

You can download the version 6.2 – The Chrono and the Hare on Honkai Impact 3rd now for free.

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