Homeworld Mobile, a spin-off of the popular strategy game series, has been announced

With very little else

Homeworld Mobile, a spin-off of the popular strategy game series, has been announced

Alongside the announcement of Homeworld 3at PAX West Gearbox also announced that would also be a Homeworld game heading to mobile too. It's currently calling Homeworld Mobile but that's expected to change. There's no official release date or which operating system it will be on.

In truth, there are very little details about the game at all. All we've really seen of the game so far is the teaser trailer which you can watch below. We do know that you'll be able to gain early access to Homeworld Mobile if you contribute to Homeworld 3's Fig campaign. If you're unfamiliar with Fig it's a crowdsourcing site in a similar vein to Kickstarter. 

We also know that the game is being developed by Stratosphere Games who you may know for making Warzone: Clash of Generals and Idle War – Tank Tycoon. Both aren't too dissimilar from Clash Royale, though Idle War is more of a singleplayer take on the genre, a kind of static tower defence game.

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Both games are pretty popular with Warzone in particular boasting over 100,000 installs on Google Play and over 4 stars from 575 reviews. Though of course, this isn't always a definitive indicator of quality.

But could this mean that Homeworld Mobile will take on this form too? It's certainly possible. Sega has recently announced their own take on the genre so it appears that bigger companies also want a piece of that pie. Perhaps Gearbox also wants to try and break into that market.

This is all pure speculation of course and the teaser trailer for Homeworld Mobile has much more impressive graphics than either of Stratosphere Games' previous games. So it might just simply be a mobile version of Homeworld and the developer's former genre choices are irrelevant.

There's no official release date or even platform announced for Homeworld mobile yet. You can sign up to the newsletter on the official website to be notified of any new developments.

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