Hogs of War 2 marching towards DS

Atari to release Worms-like game featuring battling pigs

Hogs of War 2 marching towards DS
| Hogs of War 2

Have you ever considered it a little weird that the Worms games use worms in the first place? After all, they don't make the best soldiers, what with not having any legs to be able run away or arms to hold their rocket launchers with.

But then Atari's Hogs of War game, which came out on PC and PSone back in 2000 and was deemed very similar to Worms because of its turn-based strategic combat, doesn't really feature any more competent creatures, opting for pigs instead. How does anyone expect them to be able to pull triggers with their trotters, we ask you?

That aside, Hogs of War is back for a sequel and (according to the latest release schedule from Atari) coming to DS (as well as Wii, PS2 and PC). Little is known about the game but the original featured First World War-era balaclava-wearing pigs driving army vehicles and taking turns to blow each other up across a range of water hazard and minefield laden levels, so expect something similar.

The game is simply down for release at some point this year on the schedule, so we're not sure when we can expect it to be 'hogging' our DS.

Also on Atari's release list – and continuing on the animal theme, although these probably aren't carrying grenades – is My Horse and Me 2. The sequel to the game released last November is also expected at some point this year.

Something for everyone there, then.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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