Hexxy Snake updates Snake for the Super Hexagon lovers out there

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Hexxy Snake updates Snake for the Super Hexagon lovers out there
| Hexxy Snake

I didn't think that the mobile game classic Snake needed to be any harder than it already is. But it seems that not everyone agrees with me.

In particular, developers MAF Games and Touch Touch seem to disagree with my opinion of Snake. As they're upcoming iOS game Hexxy Snake updates Snake for the Super Hexagon-loving crowd when it comes out on January 14th.

Take the pixel-food chasing of Snake, but picture it on a hexagonal grid, the majority of which plays host to a large hex-dot picture.

That picture might be a dinosaur, a sailing boat, or a school of fish. It changes with each of the game's neon-punched 100 stages (and if that's not enough then updates with more stages and a level editor will keep you busy).

You'll probably learn to hate these pictures as these are the awkwardly-shaped hazards that you need to dodge your snake through at high speed.

And, get this, there will be optional pulsating levels to match the electro soundtrack. You know, just in case your frustration levels weren't high enough while playing.

All said and done, Hexxy Snake does seem to be an enticing if brutal take on classic Snake. And, I have to admit, I'm a sucker for a challenging arcade game, so it gets my attention.

It'll be available to purchase for iOS on January 14th at the price of £1.99 / $2.99. You can find out more about Hexxy Snake on its website.