[Update] Did tinyBuild just hint that Hello Neighbor is on its way to mobile?

Update reason - Yes, yes they did

[Update] Did tinyBuild just hint that Hello Neighbor is on its way to mobile?
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Updated May 10th, 1:57 PM - tinyBuild has been a busy bee keeping us interested and they didn't delay in answering our questions.

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In another Tweet, they confirmed that Hello Neighbor is coming to iOS and Android, on July 27th according to its forum post, and it'll be opening up mobile beta tests soon, too.

The game will be free for the first act, with acts two and three available via IAP. We're not sure what the exact price is just yet.

Original article:

Today tinyBuild Games may have just suggested that we could be seeing a port of Hello Neighbor on its way to mobile. It's not confirmed, but the picture is certainly telling.

Hello Neighbor is an oddly popular survival horror game where you've got to sneak into your neighbour's house, unlock rooms, solves puzzles, and discover all sorts of secrets. It launched officially on PC and console a few months back to a mixed reception, but it has promise.

On Twitter (above) the picture posted showed off the game's control system. At first glance it looks fairly ordinary until you realise it's suited for touch screen, likely iPad.

You'll swipe to look around, use a (possibly invisible) joystick to move, you've got your inventory at the bottom, and three main action buttons - throw/drop, jump/crouch/walk, pick up, and use.

Could we be seeing Hello Neighbor dropping onto mobile? I'll be interested to see how it performs if it does and whether it'll be a direct port or whether it's been re-worked to suit the platform better.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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