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Brand new heroes introduced in Hello Hero All Stars’ latest update

…and a whole new world to run around

Brand new heroes introduced in Hello Hero All Stars’ latest update

Launched earlier in 2019, Hello Hero All Stars is a hero-collecting idle game designed with casual players in mind. It’s the latest in the Hello Hero series from Fincon, and set in the same universe as the wildly popular 2013 original. Whether you’re already planet hopping through the galaxy with your squad of heroes, or have yet to lift off, the latest update adds a few more reasons to get stuck into Hello Hero All Stars.

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The headline addition is a new planet to run around, called Cucubita — which will ring a bell for fans of the original Hello Hero. In Hello Hero All Stars, it introduces around 50,000 kilometres of fresh ground for your heroes to battle across. And battle they will; hostile inhabitants include familiar bosses from Armon, plus brand new bosses to encounter. Your heroes will need to be agile to keep up too, as bosses’ patterns of attack will change as you progress.

The addition of new heroes will make that task a little easier. The update introduces Black Knight Drake, a tanker class whose starting grade is SS, and whose secondary skill is a shield that protects your hero with the lowest health. Other new heroes include Miho, Bunny, Apprentice Pelleas, Teddybear Pinky, Mage Woochi, Mighty Ox-King, Duke Venture and more, with classes ranging from Healers to Attackers. So, plenty of fresh recruits to collect and form your ultimate squad.

Along with these new heroes and a new world to uncover, you can now increase your gear by two more grades — SSR and SR — as well as acquire double the gear through expeditions and have them return before the journey is complete.

The update is already available and you can download Hello Hero All Stars now on both iOS and Android.