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Assemble the ultimate team of heroes in the ambitious Hello Hero All Stars

Assemble the ultimate team of heroes in the ambitious Hello Hero All Stars
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| Hello Hero All Stars

Following a popular closed-beta, Hello Hero All Stars is now available for download on Android and iOS. This one’s the latest entry in the acclaimed Hello Hero idle RPG series, known for its massive and varied roster of recruitable characters. And All Stars might be the most expansive entry yet, bringing together hundreds of new, as well as many fan-favourite, heroes.

Hello Hero has always offered smart and accessible idle RPG gameplay, tons of unique characters, and impressive environmental designs. All Stars enhances what the series is best at while also bringing plenty of its own interesting ideas to the table.

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The game’s impressive coordinate lock system turns every combat encounter into a tactical and rewarding experience. Creating different combos of heroes is the best way to take down the tougher enemies, though specific fights will demand specific types of party. This means you’ll need to remain on your toes and be ready to mix up your team when necessary.

Collecting heroes is one of the big draws here, and you won’t have to worry about being saddled with useless recruits thanks to the game’s reliable drawing system. The lack of arbitrary level caps is another way that All Stars remains flexible and fun. If you do happen to find your preferred team early on, you can opt to stick with them and level them up to take on even the trickiest of missions.

And there’s a ton of stuff to see and do here, including a lengthy adventure mode, challenging co-op missions, and loot-filled expedition quests.

To begin your adventure into the expansive world of Hello Hero All Stars, simply head for the App Store or Google Play to download the game for free.