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For reasons unknown, the world of HeliCab Express is one where people regularly get stuck atop tall buildings, perched among the birds eagerly waiting for rescue.

Presumably they're stranded due to some kind of major incident on the ground below – a Hollywood-style catastrophe that HeliCab Express has neither the pixels nor the inclination to illustrate.

This simple setup works well: any sense of grandeur just wouldn't fit a game you can master in 30 seconds and get thoroughly bored with in not many more.

Head for heights

Taking control of a 'copter on a mission, it's your job to fly over the cityscape dropping down to the tops of skyscrapers to pick up the civilians left high and helpless.

Doing so means either taking to your phone's numberpad, or using the number keys to guide the helicopter: '2' lifts you up, '4' and '6' steer you left and right respectively, and letting go of the buttons altogether sends you falling – albeit slowly – back towards the ground.

Any contact with any of the buildings whatsoever wrecks your helicopter instantly, and with the clock ticking down from the word 'go' HeliCab Express plays out much like a maze, with the idea being to snake your way through the stage as quickly as possible.

Mission impossible

Despite such simplicity, however, the game is far from perfect.

One constant bugbear is the fact the buildings are viewed from an isometric perspective, but the helicopter itself is in 2D.

This can lead to unnecessary collisions aplenty. Very often you'll believe you're flying close to a building only to discover yourself buried in the side of it.

Add this to the fact that much time is wasted dropping down from great heights merely to see if there's a person to pick up in the first place and you've got a seemingly unambitious game that still manages to fall from a great height at regular intervals.

HeliCab Express

Overly simple and entirely without spunk, HeliCab Express's maze-like levels are like arcade efforts of old, but without any charm or character
Keith Andrew
Keith Andrew
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