Harvest Moon is coming to mobile again with Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home

The hit series inspired a modern wave of life sim games

Harvest Moon is coming to mobile again with Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home
  • Harvest Moon's latest mobile instalment is Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home
  • It's slated to arrive August 2024 for iOS & Android
  • Natsume Inc has produced a number of Harvest Moon games for mobile

Natsume Inc. have announced the latest in their series of Harvest Moon mobile games with Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home. While details are slim on the ground we do have a confirmed release date for August 2024, and it will be making its way to iOS and Android.

The Harvest Moon series is arguably one of the original life sims and inspired a whole wave of games which took the similar core concept of farming and building, expanding on it from there. The most well-known of these spin-offs, Stardew Valley is arguably worth a play in and of itself.

Moon for mobile?
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While often being well-received by die-hard Harvest Moon fans, Natsume Inc.'s mobile entries like Winds of Anthos and Mad Dash have otherwise gotten a mixed reception. These tend to be much more on the budget side of things, although we did note that most of them at least follow similar gameplay to the mainline entries of the series.

Still, it does make you wonder whether or not Home Sweet Home is going to change that and bring the cosy farming fun that made Harvest Moon such a success and inspiration for a new generation of developers to mobile proper. Either way in just a few months (*gulp*) you'll be able to find out whether or not Natsume Inc. have done so.

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