New Harbor Master HD map features deadly Kraken

Let's hope it's Kraken good fun

New Harbor Master HD map features deadly Kraken
| Harbor Master HD

If the recent addition of a new map for Harbor Master HD wasn't enough to satisfy your boat-docking needs, Imangi Studios has a lovely bit of news for you.

Yet another new map has surfaced on the Harbor Master Facebook page, showing off what's next to come for the frantic ship sim.

There's no name as of yet, although the picture is captioned with the words 'Beware the Kraken!!!'.

Indeed, there's a huge, dark pit in the middle which you probably don't want to leave your boats hanging around on top of for too long.

As with the Pirate Passage map, the map will cost 99c / 59p / €0.79 to download. The main game, with its single map, is still free.

Check out the new map below.

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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