Harbor Master HD takes you down to Cargo City

New map introduces more cargo types and more docks

Harbor Master HD takes you down to Cargo City
| Harbor Master HD

First we got Pirate Passage, with its pirates and cannon-play. Then there was Kraken Atoll, throwing a huge underwater threat into the mix, ready to drag your boats down into the depths.

Now a new Harbor Master HD map is on the way, set to take the total to four maps.

Cargo City doesn't add any crazy new enemies to hinder your progress, but instead bumps up the amount of work you need to do.

Not only are there three different types of cargo to dock, but you've also go six different ports to manage: two of each colour.

Hectic stuff indeed. The addition of another cargo colour is bound to make the action even more difficult to manage – which may not be such a good thing, as our review points out.

Cargo City will be availble as an in-app purchase from June 4th for 99c / 59p.

Check out the new map below.

Mike Rose
Mike Rose
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