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Happy Clinic lets you run your own hospital, available now on Android and iOS

Happy Clinic lets you run your own hospital, available now on Android and iOS
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Nordcurrent has just announced the launch of their new mobile time management game Happy Clinic. Thanks to the pandemic, everyone knows the importance of hospitals and healthcare workers and Happy Clinic is the developer's way of showcasing the busy life of hospitals through a light-hearted story.

While Happy Clinic’s gameplay doesn’t actually portray a realistic hospital scenario, Nordcurrent has managed to display the complete scope and tempo of working in an emergency room, albeit in a relaxing manner. Through the game, players will learn the basics about hospital infrastructure and how little improvements can enhance the medical services available. The protagonist of this fun story is a nurse who aids doctors in curing patients, performing diagnostic tests and analyses, and numerous other activities.

Describing their aim when creating Happy Clinic, CEO of Nordcurrent, Viktorija Trofimova, said: “Our goal was to paint the hospital environment in happy, positive colours, to give players a bright perspective of healthcare. We purposefully avoided dramatic situations and failures that one might expect from a hospital game, but kept the challenge curve rising in different ways so that the players could feel their skilful play rewarded.”

As players progress through the story, the patients they encounter will also increase in both number and complexity of issues they are facing. This will force everyone to strategically make moves and spend money on bringing in more advanced equipment, better hospital interiors, and more renowned doctors, all of which will boost the working conditions.

Happy Clinic will pose a number of challenges to players as they will take control of hospitals located all over the globe. They will have to manage and improve each hospital which will be unique in terms of available equipment, staff, and types of patients encountered.

It’s time to run your own successful hospital by downloading Happy Clinic for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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