Save the world in 30 seconds 120 times in PSP's Half-Minute Hero

One for fizzing, speeding fanboys

Save the world in 30 seconds 120 times in PSP's Half-Minute Hero
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How does Half-Minute Hero add up?

The game, in which you cycle through 30 second time periods to solve a series of puzzles and level-up enough to defeat the massive end-of-level boss, claims 20 hours of gameplay.

By my calculator, that's 2,400 half-minutes of action, and that's not taking into account all those 30 seconds you have to replay.

Frankly that might be too much franticness for me. Still, the whole concept sounds intriguing.

Positioning itself firmly in the old skool, publisher Rising Star explains that in each level you have to destroy a Dark Lord. However you will only have a realistic chance of doing this when you've levelled up enough that you see the words "You> Evil" (that's "You greater than Evil" for the mathematically lacking) onscreen.

To become greater than evil, you have to level up - a process that will happen every couple of seconds and enable you to "plough through combat more quickly".

Extending your options - as well as your 30 seconds - at certain locations and for a fee, you can worship the Goddess of Time. She will replenish your clock up to the maximum of 30 seconds.

The 120 levels themselves offer a mixture of gameplay styles, from action RPG to shooter, escort and strategy (each style has 40 missions), while the game's perspective varies from top-down to side-on.

We're also informed that "The script buzzes and fizzes with fanboyisms".

Can hardly wait. Bet there'll be an 'all your base' reference then.

Half-Minute Hero will be released in European games stores on 12th February.