You can now play Half-Life on your watch


You can now play Half-Life on your watch
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Valve's classic first-person-shooter Half-Life is, unbelievably, playable on Android Wear.

The game is played using on-screen virtual buttons, but the tiny 1.65-inch screen does make it difficult to control.

All it takes is little tweaking under the bonnet with the SDLash app, which emulates Half-Life's original engine, Goldsource.

Performance is variable, however, with the frame rate ranging between 2 and 30 FPS on an LG G Watch, according to YouTuber Dave Bennett.

For now, this seems to be the only solution to the everlasting problem that is the lack of portable original Half-Life.
Back in 2013, a group of enthusiast developers said they were bringing the original game to mobile, but we've heard nothing of the project since.

Dave Bennett