GTS World Racing screeches onto mobile

If looks could thrill...

GTS World Racing screeches onto mobile
| GTS World Racing

Flashy 3D racing games are becoming ever more frequent on mobiles these days, though sometimes we really do have to stop and marvel at how good some of these games look.

One of Astraware's newest titles, GTS World Racing is just such a title, boasting some extremely crisp looking 3D cars and tracks.

Emerging from the pits as a sequel to GTS Racing Challenge, World Racing is looking like it could be a finely tuned experience sporting 16 locations, with a total of 64 different track layouts spread across them. There are only three cars on offer, which is less impressive, but each promises to deliver different handling dynamics, rather than just a different paint job.

Other than that, there are Single Race, Challenge Cup, Grand Tour and Championship modes to race in, as well as four difficulty levels ranging from easy to extreme.

The game is already racing on smartphones, Windows Mobile and PDAs running Palm OS so we'll be plonking ourselves down behind the wheel for a test drive before too long. Click 'Track It!' to be sure not to miss it.