GRIS, the critically acclaimed 2D platformer, soars onto Android today

A long time coming

GRIS, the critically acclaimed 2D platformer, soars onto Android today
Update 01.04.2020

GRIS is now available for purchase from Google Play.

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One of the most critically acclaimed indie games of the last couple years, Nomada Studio's GRIS, is set to launch for Android next week. The journey towards the Android release has been a long one, with the game having arrived first for Switch in late 2018 and iOS in August of 2019.

GRIS, if you didn't know, is a gorgeous 2D platformer that takes our protagonist through one heck of an emotional journey, starting at her lowest possible point. As you continue to progress, she'll gain new powers and regain her strength. It's often a fairly serene experience, though – as you've likely heard – the minimalist tale can get pretty darn upsetting at points.

Ex-Editor Ric reviewed the Switch release at launch, saying "GRIS has some moments of platforming frustration, but its absolutely gorgeous world will soothe your nerves long enough to see it through", before awarding it a solid Silver Rating.

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It remains one of the best-looking and sounding games on mobile, boasting some stunning art direction and a rare level of polish to its overall presentation. If you fancy seeing it in action, I'd advise you to check out our gameplay video embedded above.

If you'd like to give it a go, and you really should, you'll find GRIS available for pre-registration right now over on Google Play. The iOS version is priced at $4.99, and I see no reason as to why that would change significantly with the Android release.

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