GRIS, the gorgeous, dreamlike platformer, comes to iOS this month

One of last year's best games

GRIS, the gorgeous, dreamlike platformer, comes to iOS this month

This has been quite the week for high-profile ports to mobile, with the likes of Rogue Legacy and Dear Esther making their way to iOS. And now, Devolver Digital is getting in on the action by announcing that its gorgeous, narrative-driven platformer ‘GRIS’ is heading to iOS on August 22nd.

GRIS, if you didn’t know, is an indie platformer that sees you travelling through a dreamlike world boasting some of the most striking visuals you’ll see in a game. Every second of GRIS could well be your next PC background; it’s constantly, aggressively pretty. Backing up that one-of-a-kind aesthetic is a powerful story that explores our player character’s deteriorating mental health and gradual recovery.

Starting out, you’ll barely even be able to move as your character crumbles to the floor at every tap of the jump button. Gradually, you’ll unlock new abilities that’ll allow you to smash through the scenery and even swim gracefully underwater. Platformer enthusiasts might find it to be a little on the simple side, but there are still unlockable skills aplenty to master and a satisfying difficulty curve to deal with.

It first launched for Switch late last year where it found a surprisingly sizable audience. We reviewed GRIS at the time, saying ‘you're not going to forget GRIS in a hurry. Forgive its sins and let it wrap you up in its warmth and beauty, and you'll walk away very pleased indeed’.

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If you’re at all interested in narrative-driven games, or if you’re on the hunt for something quite different, I’d thoroughly recommend checking this one out. Look for GRIS on the App Store on August 22nd. It’ll be priced at $4.99 or your regional equivalent, which is very fair indeed when you consider that it costs $16.99 on Switch.

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