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GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS - 4 Reasons to be excited for this webtoon-style treat for isekai and RTS fans

GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS - 4 Reasons to be excited for this webtoon-style treat for isekai and RTS fans

The isekai genre is all the rage right now across anime shows and Japanese games, with webtoons steadily gaining popularity as an accessible medium to enjoy anime-themed visuals and narratives all over the world. Netmarble combines both elements and brings players GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS, an MMO RTS game launched this week.

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Boasting gorgeous character designs and an immersive story, the game takes players on an isekai journey as they engage in large-scale, immersive siege wars alongside epic Titans in a vibrant fantasy world.

Webtoon goodness in an RTS package

GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS features lovely anime-themed designs along with particular aesthetics that make the game feel like a webtoon when it comes to its narrative. Players can follow the tale of Eugene and Mio as they're thrust into the colourful world of Skyna, all presented in vibrant comic book-esque panels.

"Webtoon style allowed us to express various emotions between different scenes and to display various events at once. It ultimately provides a more vivid experience of the story when combined with works of voice actors and dramatic effects," says Art Director Jai Hoon Lim (of Ragnarok Online and The Seven Deadly Sins: GRAND CROSS fame).

Immersive story coupled with evocative visuals

In order to tell the tale in the most engaging way, the game opts for a webtoon-style format. This allows the design team to express characters' emotions more effectively by focusing on the smallest details, from all the meticulous touches of a character's accessories to facial quirks that show off their colourful personalities.

"When we develop a game we always start with concept design. It all starts from thinking about effective ways to deliver stories and experience. Whether to apply 2D or 3D graphics is decided after the concept design," Lim adds.

Dynamic strategy for immersive battles

Battles in GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS span both land and air with multiple troop types, including Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Siege Weapons as well as Ranged Archers and Air Units, available to the player. A dynamic combat system allows players to deploy and command these troops and execute unique strategies to overcome opponents through multiple PvE and PvP modes, including Single Player stages, Hunting and Gathering, World Objects Capturing, Kingdom vs. Kingdom, Story Chapters, Territory Expansion, and Territory Customization.

Every conceivable battle mode is made present in GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS for players to test their individual strategies, as well as the tactical prowess of their allies in Castle War: an alliance content where battles are fought against other Alliances featuring intense siege warfare with MMORPG mechanics.

Epic Titans for an epic adventure

Of course, what makes the game stand out even more are the designs of the Titans - massive units that bring death and destruction to all that stand in their way. The design team handcrafted the Titans' looks down to the last detail, letting players experience the breathtaking power of these special troops whenever they wield their swords or swing their capes.

"We would like to make the players want to own Titans with artwork and the story. In order to do so, we referred to various super robot animations in terms of Titan’s frame, moves of the different sub-parts, and use of weapons," says Lim. "We hope the players will enjoy stories, unique heroes, and Titan battles in GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS. We will continue to add new heroes with unique looks and personalities, as well as seasonal maps with a variety of terrain fit for new content such as air and naval battles which will be introduced in the future."

If you're eager to know what the fuss is all about, you can play GRAND CROSS: AGE OF TITANS by visiting the official website for some special milestone goodies!

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