Gordon Ramsay's Chef Blast lays out the roadmap for a Summer season full of events and free handouts

Gordon Ramsay's Chef Blast lays out the roadmap for a Summer season full of events and free handouts

Outplay Entertainment, the developer of the popular Candy Crush-like Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast, has announced the latest upcoming events for that game. The ‘Summer of Chef Blast’ will begin on July 15th and run all the way to the end of September and will comprise of four separate in-game events released throughout those dates.

First up, on the 15th, you’ll have Market Day. This event will challenge players with collecting tokens by simply playing levels within Chef Blast. These tokens can then be redeemed to purchase in-game boosters, as well as coins and makeover items to decorate your kitchen. There will be plenty of Market Day-themed cosmetics for your kitchen to grab, so if you want some event-specific decor, be sure to knock out your levels during this timeframe.

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On July 22nd, the Hot Stove League will begin and introduce a new in-game show, where players will be the stars. As contestants, they will complete a series of levels in as few attempts as possible to gather up the event currency; Hot Stove Medals. With this currency, you can get excellent items such as the ones mentioned above and also climb some leaderboards for bragging rights.

On August 19th, players will launch a full new baking business under the help of Chef Ramsay himself in Baking Bingo. To fulfil orders, players will have to complete levels and gather up tickets that will then allow them to spin a bingo wheel, which will then get you numbers allocated to cupcakes. Using those cupcakes, you’ll fill out a bingo board that will also give you free in-game prizes.

And finally, in September, we’ll have an event in which you’ll travel the world with the chef and learn different recipes from all over the globe by playing limited-time side-map events. You’ll be travelling to a huge variety of places like Italy and Japan, each with distinct gameplay differences that you must best to succeed.

Phew! Lots to look forward to if you enjoy Chef Blast this Summer. If you’re looking to get involved yourself, you can check out either of the links below and download Gordon Ramsay’s Chef Blast completely free of charge!

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