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Out now: Nitrome wants to start a pogo rebellion with springy platformer Gopogo

Boing against The Man

Out now: Nitrome wants to start a pogo rebellion with springy platformer Gopogo
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In the future world of Gopogo, pogoing has been outlawed, so of course you have to do it.

In fact, throughout the course of the game, you'll end up really sticking it to The Man by pogoing on and over the police's heads. Take that, law enforcement.

Turns out you play as part of a pogoing gang who is aiming to reach the top of "the wall." What's over there? That's for you to find out.

Playing Gopogo, you'll need to slide your finger on the screen to aim the pogo as it auto-springs itself. You need to avoid anything spiky as well as pitfalls while using the police as props to reach higher places.

There are also platforms that will fall if you pogo on them more times than the number printed on them tells you. So make sure you don't hang around in one spot for too long.

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Being free to play, Gopogo has a lives system, and lets you purchase more lives for five coins each. Or you can watch a video ad to get three lives automatically.

However, there's an Endless mode that doesn't come with the penalty of losing lives. And, in fact, it has life pick-ups and also lets you earn more coins if you need them.

This means you'll probably be switching between the two game modes while playing. It's not just lives you can buy, though, as Gopogo has loads of characters to unlock (some of whom you may recognise).

You can download Gopogo for free on the App Store and Google Play right now.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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