Golf Clash: A few tips for tackling Whistling Straits

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Golf Clash: A few tips for tackling Whistling Straits

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However you choose to experience this golf mobile gaming experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind when battling it out with Whistling Straits.

Golf Clash has grown tremendously since its release and has reached not only fans of the sport but non-golf fans too. The game is known for its quick rounds and fairly simple controls. You'll duel against players around the world in one-on-one matches, kind of like in the old Shell's Wonderful World of Golf TV show back in the day. 

The folks at Playdemic and EA have teamed up with Ryder Cup Europe and the PGA of America to give virtual golfers a chance to experience the Ryder Cup, one of the biggest in golf and possibly in all of sports. Gamers will be able to tackle Whistling Straits, a beautiful course designed by Pete Dye that is located in Kohler, Wisconsin, and was built on an old Air Force base (yes, you read that right). 

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You can play the challenging and breathtaking 17th hole in a one-shot challenge or you can enter into the 9-hole Ryder Cup that EA and Playdemic put together. 

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Don't Be Afraid to Go Light

Whistling Straits is a course that features many different slopes to handle as you navigate the course. Due to these slopes and wind thanks to Lake Michigan, it may be smart to go light and not rely heavily on power when on the course.

Don't worry, Whistling Straits isn't known as an incredibly difficult golf course but it can bite you if you aren't careful. And the aforementioned Pete Dye was known for designing challenging courses. Once you get comfortable, then you can take a chance, but just be careful.

Focusing on your accuracy instead of your power can help you out. If you miss, your ball will fall deep into the bunkers, most of which are downhill so it may make it tricky to escape from. Start off with some smooth, accurate shots and you should be alright. No guarantees, of course, but give it a try.

Use a Practice Token

One really helpful feature that Golf Clash has is the ability to practice on different courses before taking part in special events. The same goes for this special Ryder Cup tournament. You'll be able to work on your game on any of the nine-holes at Whistling Straits. How nice is that?

The good thing is that you can practice as much as you want. The problem is that you need to get some Practice Tokens. You can unlock these simply by playing the game or, if you want them faster, you can get them by getting one of the Golf Passes, but that will cost some actual cash.

Once you have the tokens in hand (virtually), then go ahead and do a 9-hole practice round at Whistling and see how things go. Heck, maybe you aren't interested in the tournament and just want to enjoy the course and if that's the case, then go for it and have some fun.

Make Use of the Ryder Cup Balls

Equipment in Golf Clash can sometimes make a notable difference. With this Ryder Cup update, you'll have the chance to unlock some speciality golf balls to give you a boost. One you can earn by completing the one-shot challenge, but you'll need to get your ball in the target zone to win.

Another way is by getting the Ryder Cup packages, which include 10 golf balls. You can get the USA pack which has 10 Team USA balls or the Europe pack which gives you 10 European-style balls. It's all just based on which team you like most but both have the same attributes and both are very powerful. In fact, they're among the best golf balls in the game.

Unfortunately, these packs will cost $4.99 each. Aside from the balls, you do get a chest and 500 gems for what it's worth. If you do grab one of these packs, then cool, you'll have some good golf balls to help you with Whistling Straits and with the traditional Golf Clash layouts if you decide to save some of your balls. Don't worry, as mentioned, you can still unlock a couple of powerful balls just by taking part in some of the Ryder Cup things that have been set up. Give the one-shot challenge a try and see if you can score.

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