How to play Golf Clash. Tips to help you hit good, clean shots in the golf duelling phenomenon

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How to play Golf Clash. Tips to help you hit good, clean shots in the golf duelling phenomenon

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Golf Clash is a game you're probably quite familiar with. It's both highly regarded and highly promoted and, well, we know the popularity of games with the word "Clash" in them, don't we? But unlike those big brawlers, Golf Clash features rapid-fire multiplayer golf matches on mobile.

Each match is one-on-one, and you play against random players around the world. When you first start out, you'll play a couple of CPU opponents before advancing to take on real players. As you continue winning these little golfing duels you'll earn some in-game currency which you can use to better your skills and equipment.

Clever design and cool features have made it so that Golf Clash is a game that is as popular among non-golf fans as the big golf fans. For starters, the ball physics are completely on-point. This makes the experience more realistic while also catering to everyone's needs. And with each game being short and to the point it's a perfect fit for pocket gamers (see what I did there?).

Here are a few things to remember when teeing it up in Golf Clash, whether you're on the iOS or Android version.

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Feel free to put extra power on your shots

The game will recommend that you try and keep your power cursor within the circle on your backswing, but don't be afraid to go slightly passed the circle. When you do, your screen will shake a tad bit, and you will feel a vibrating sensation. This will easily lead you to believe that this is bad news. 

Well, I'm here to tell you that it's not. By going a little passed the circle, you'll have an opportunity to gain more power. Your shots will go much further, leaving you with an easier look at the green. You may sacrifice a little accuracy, but if your aim is on target, you'll hit the fairway most of the time. 

On top of this, when you put a little extra into your tee shots, it just feels very satisfying. You really feel like you crushed the ball. It's just like in real golf where smacking the ball far feels as good as anything. So definitely don't hesitate to try to power up your shot a bit more. 

Try lowering power on approach shots

It's easy to just put the power cursor in the circle, but on approach shots, it's a good idea to shorten up on power. This is because the ball bounces quite a bit so even if you think your shot is on target, it may bounce past your intended spot. If it does, then more than likely you're going to end up off the green. 

Either that, or you'll have to deal with a long putt. So it'd be wise to shorten the backswing. The ball will land short of the green but will bounce right on it, leaving you with a potentially easy putt. Find the perfect balance of power and accuracy, and you should be hitting some solid shots. 

If you roll off the green, it's not impossible to hole out from the rough, but it's no easy task. And if your opponent is safely on the green while you're in the deep grass, then that could spell some trouble for you. So just lighten up on the approach shots, putt away and get the win.  

Remember to upgrade your clubs

One thing that can easily get overlooked in Golf Clash is the upgrading of clubs. When it's so simple to quickly hop into games, you play consecutively without paying attention to your equipment. They're speaking to you, telling you all about it (OK, maybe not).

You can beef up your clubs by earning coins and gems. The gems are usually the main currency used when upgrading. You can also unlock some fresh new clubs by opening crates. They will throw their share of free crates at you to crack open. You can also purchase some too. 

They can either be bought with gems or with real money. For advancing to the next level, they tend to give you a crate with some handsome rewards which includes new clubs. On top of that, they will give you a ton of coins too. This crate will cost real money however at $.99. As for the coins, they can be used to get you into quick rounds and tournaments. They can also be used when shopping around too. 

Take your time

Unlocked the next tour in the one-on-one mode? Great, now you're probably licking your chops to hop into, right? I know it's exciting, but if you don't feel like you're ready, then stay at the beginning tours. Just take your time when playing Golf Clash. No need to rush to the next level right away if you don't want to even if it's tempting. 

For one, you need to make sure you have to coins to spend to enter an advanced tour. These will cost much more than the beginner one. Not a huge difference, but it can quietly eat up your cash, especially if you're struggling to win. However, if you're out there dominating, then awesome; enjoy your new-found wealth. 

The fees are greater but so are the prizes. But before you jump the gun, just make totally sure you're ready to play. If you still feel like you need some practice, then play some more beginner matches. With no practice mode in Golf Clash, this is a great way to hone your skills and test out new clubs. Now get out there, club swinging warrior. 

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