Peter Molyneux turns to Kickstarter to fund new god game Project GODUS

Divine intervention?

Peter Molyneux turns to Kickstarter to fund new god game Project GODUS
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Peter Molyneux wants to keep the world of mobile gaming busy.

We still haven't gotten to the center of his Curiosity Cube yet, and now his studio 22Cans has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its latest game Project GODUS.

Aiming to reinvent the god-game genre with a remake of the classic Populous - which Molyneux created in 1989 - 22Cans is hoping to raise £450,000 (~$715,000) to fund GODUS.

If the campaign is successful, GODUS will come to PCs and mobile devices in September of 2013.

Get your God on

Mixing the scope, grandeur, and depth of Populous with the meticulous building and multiplayer battle aspects of Dungeon Keeper, GODUS aims to create a living world that players can shape, build, and ultimately destroy as they see fit.

GODUS hopes to accomplish this by casting players in the role of gods who must build up their cults in order to do battle with the followers of other, rival gods.

If you do well in your battles against your fellow gods, your cult and influence will spread. If you do poorly, you'll go the way of Mithraism.

GODUS has 29 days left to go before its Kickstarter campaign ends. Should 22cans exceed the £450,000 budget that it is asking for, it plans to use the additional funds to enhance and refine GODUS as a game and introduce support for additional platforms.

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