The future of Peter Molyneux's god game Godus is looking wobbly at best

The gods disapprove

The future of Peter Molyneux's god game Godus is looking wobbly at best
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It has been two years since Peter Molyneux's studio 22cans had a successful Kickstarter for its god game Godus. Now, promises that were made back then are starting to fizzle out.

The mobile version isn't doing too horrendously. Sure, we called it "dull and repetitive" in our review. But it has since been updated with the Frontier Age. And in November 2014 it even arrived on Android.

There's some activity, signs of life that the mobile version is being worked on. In fact, it's apparently bringing in a lot of revenue for the studio.

On the other hand, the PC version of Godus isn't looking so healthy. As Rock Paper Shotgun dug up, Molyneux and his team is now working on another mobile game called The Trial.

With this, the number of those working on Godus has been reduced. The Early Access version of Godus on Steam isn't up to the same level as the mobile version. And it seems that it'll take a while to get there yet.


Meanwhile, Godus designer Konrad Naszynski stated on the game's forums that he "simply can't see [22cans] delivering all the features promised on the kickstarter page."

One of the features that Naszynski doesn't see much hope for is the multiplayer features. He described it as being "seriously shaky" right now.

Following all of this information being brought to light, Molyneux and Naszynski appeared on video to try to explain the situation, and presumably alleviate worries of their backers.

You can watch it below.

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This all leads us to Bryan Henderson, the 18-year-old who 'won' Curiosity back in 2012, and the opportunity to be a god inside Godus.

This position granted him a share of the Godus revenue but only when he actually gets a chance to play his role of God of Gods. It's a role that Molyneux described as "life-changing."

When we interviewed Molyneux last year, on the subject of Henderson earning money from Godus, he said "we're not paying him yet, but he's accruing it. But he's not doing anything until we turn on the multiplayer."

More recently, Eurogamer spoke to Henderson to get his angle on the whole situation. It turns out that 22cans stopped talking to him a while ago, and he has yet to receive a penny from the firm.

Henderson, now approaching 21, remains hopeful that he'll get to fulfill his role as God of Gods inside Godus and get the share of money that Molyneux and co promised him.

But with the game's multiplayer apparently not in good shape, that promise might not happen for a while, if at all.

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