Peter Molyneux's F2P god game Godus has touched down on Android

Touch of god

Peter Molyneux's F2P god game Godus has touched down on Android
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The Peter Molyneux-led free-to-play god game Godus has finally arrived on Android whether you wanted it to or not.

Using your fingers, you grow and mold the landscape while looking over your followers as they survive upon these primal lands with your help.

You can use miracles to create rivers and throw meteors if, for some reason, you want to cause huge fires.

Despite being released and free, Godus is still a work-in-progress, with many features yet to be added.

Multiplayer is one of those features, and when it does arrive, Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson will be playing the role of supreme god.

But his reign won't last forever. After about six months, there will be opportunities to overthrow Henderson to become god yourself, and earn the money that comes with it.

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In our review of the iOS version of Godus, we said it is an "imaginative, lovely looking game that somehow conspires to render godhood dull and repetitive."

You can download Godus for free on Google Play right now. It's supported IAPs.

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