Godus receives first major update, introducing the Frontier Age


Godus receives first major update, introducing the Frontier Age
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Molyneux's free to play god sim, Godus, has received its first update, adding a whole new world to explore, powers to learn, and people to discover.

In the update, you'll be able to build an ark and send your Followers on an overseas expedition.

Weyworld, the new area that awaits them, is a dry orange desert dotted with cacti and massive plateaus, a change of scenery from their lush green homeland.

By colonizing Weyworld, you'll enter the Frontier Age, a scenario that adds new cards, a new Timeline, new abilities, and more.

Some of these new abilities include controlling storms, creating faster and healthier Followers, and improved agricultural techniques to produce more wheat from farms.

Further updates are planned for Weyworld and the Frontier Age, which you can read about in more detail here.


Our review of Godus from August found it pretty, but also pretty boring.

If there's something about it that's kept you tapping away at your own little world, or if you needed a reason to return to it, check out the Weyworld update today.

Godus is free on the App Store, with an Android version coming "soon."

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