Mobile version of 22cans' Godus will be distributed through Mobage platform

DeNA gets publishing rights for god game regenesis

Mobile version of 22cans' Godus will be distributed through Mobage platform
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Peter Molyneux has announced that the Android and iOS version of his Kickstarted-backed 'god game reinvention' will be distributed by DeNA.

The Japanese mobile social platform will publish the game on its Mobage service in the west, Japan and Korea.

This means Godus will integrate Mobage messaging system, as well as its MobaCoins virtual currency

Other games that use Mobage include Rage of Bahamut and Blood Brothers.

The deal won't cover the PC/Mac version of the game, however.

Pray together

"We have huge respect for DeNA's successes in mobile gaming. By fusing their expertise and experience with our passion and dedication, we are going to make Godus a truly groundbreaking reinvention of the god game genre," said Molyneux.

"As a global leader in developing and publishing mobile games, DeNA is the ideal partner for us to collaborate with on the launch of Godus. Their breadth of expertise working with second and third-party game developers is invaluable as we prepare for the release of Godus on mobile devices."

He also added that the deal meant that 22cans could focus on development and not the publishing and operations that has proved to be an issue for its mobile debut Curiosity.

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