Retro vertical climber GoatUp is out now for iOS

Billy the kid

Retro vertical climber GoatUp is out now for iOS
| GoatUp

GoatUp, Jeff Minter’s love-letter to early 8-bit platforming games, has just been released for iOS devices.

Previously known as Goat Goes Up, GoatUp tasks you with leading your goat higher and higher, hopping across platforms and nibbling grass along the way, in an endless ascent in pursuit of high scores.

Kissing billy goats in order to have kids is apparently the key to success in the online leaderboards, as you attempt to keep your ever-expanding family safe from harm as the pace of the action increases.

With its vivid retro style visuals and platforming that favours kinetic fun over pixel-perfect jumps, GoatUp looks like it could provide a nostalgia-infused dose of points-chasing frivolity.

GoatUp is available to download right now as a universal app for £1.49 / $1.99.