Goat Rider is the next barmy game from the people who made Mikey Shorts

What is it with goats?

Goat Rider is the next barmy game from the people who made Mikey Shorts
| Goat Rider

How long do reckon you could surf a goat?

I'm not losing it, don't worry. This is the challenge in Goat Rider. It's the next game from Beavertap Games, also known as the people who made Mikey Shorts.

It's coming to iOS this Thursday, November 19th and, quite simply, involves standing on a moving goat for as long as possible.

You have to hold the screen when the goat moves right and release that hold when it moves left. Don't do that and your character will fall off.

Speaking of which, the game has a big line-up of playable characters to unlock. The chicken from Crossy Road, the elephant from Disco Zoo, the temple idol from Temple Run 2 - they're all in here.

You unlock these characters by playing the game. Each time the goat hits one of the characters spread across the ground it fills up a star bar. When the star bar is full a new character is yours.

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Goat Rider will be free to download when it comes out and will be supported by video ads. You can watch one to have more characters on-screen to fill the star bar up quicker.

Beavertap Games also said that if you don't watch any video ads then you may get the occasional pop-up ad too.

We'll let you know when Goat Rider is available to download for iOS later this week.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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