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Become a boxing champ in competitive AR game, Glowing Gloves, now available on iOS

New immersive boxing game based on motion tracking technology

Become a boxing champ in competitive AR game, Glowing Gloves, now available on iOS

Out of all possible sports to get the AR treatment, boxing perhaps makes the most sense. I mean, you get all the fun of a competitive boxing bout without running the risk of being smacked across the face. Esteemed AR developer Bublar’s latest title – Glowing Gloves is a first person boxing game that encourages players to get up and be more active by controlling the game with actual body movements.

Starting out as a passionate amateur, you’ll rise through the ranks to eventually become champion. The core gameplay requires that you duck and dive in the real world to move your virtual counterpart. To move your boxer forward, backward or from side to side, players physically move, triggering the game’s motion tracking functionality.

Most incoming punches must be physically dodged, or, if you’re really good, you could even counter your opponent’s attacks. Of course, not all punches can be avoided, and so you’re going to have to learn to utilise 3D touch to block the more devastating uppercuts or jabs.

When on the offensive, swiping and tapping your screen will trigger a series of quick punches. And once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll find plenty of room for strategic flurries and advanced combos. It’s best not to get too carried away, as a drained stamina metre can lead to exhaustion, lowered defences, and weaker attacks.

When the time is right, you should activate the Glowing State. Not only will your punches be more powerful in this mode, they’ll also come with special effects to turn the tide of the round.

While the game is free to play, you needn’t worry about performance-boosting micro transactions. This is first and foremost a skill-based title, and so fairness is the key. Instead, the game offers a deep customization system that allows you to use in-game currency or real cash to unlock decorations for your personal gym, new hairstyles, and neat tattoos.

To start your journey towards becoming the ultimate boxing champ, best head over onto the App Store where Glowing Gloves is now available for download.