Fresh compelling puzzler GlowGrid changes the rules of Tetris

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Fresh compelling puzzler GlowGrid changes the rules of Tetris
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GlowGrid started out life as a strange mash-up of Tiny Tower and an abstract puzzle game.

You can still spy elements of the game's origins, sure, but now it resembles something akin to a long-lost version of Tetris.

The main difference between GlowGrid and Tetris is that the blocks don't fall from the top. Instead, you place them wherever you wish.


The catch is that you (usually) have clumps made up of several different types of blocks to place. They're all different colours, and some are "blockers" that only get in your way. Yet, you have to place them all somewhere.

Your goal is to create tetrominoes out of pieces that are the same colour. If you manage it, the shape will disappear, giving you more space with which to play.

If you fill up the bar at the top of the grid by creating enough tetrominoes, you'll complete that stage. This causes the blockers to vanish, leaving just the coloured blocks you didn't use behind.

The next stage then starts, the difficulty rises, and you go again.

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"A carefully balanced scoring system gives the game strategic depth," Fritz Solares of developer Zut Games says.

"The player must decide whether [to] keep the grid open by making small groups, or play a riskier long game by trying to make higher-scoring combos."

While the gameplay here is somewhat familiar, GlowGrid boasts a fresh set of rules and mechanics. It's a fairly compelling puzzler, and its glowing presentation makes it easy on the eye.

GlowGrid will be heading to iOS and Android in June. The first ten levels will be free to try, while the rest will cost you £1.49 / $1.99.

If you're a PC gamer, then you can play a basic Flash version of GlowGrid on Kongregate for free right now. More information on the game is available on the official website.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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