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There's something inherently good and wholesome about jumping. It's an action that reminds us of our childhoods, of a time when we were less encumbered with worry and strife, our footfalls less heavy and wearisome.

The best video games can capture the sense of fun and freedom that flickers across your synapses before you painfully reacquaint yourself with the ground.

Giga Jump might not be the prettiest or the most original game out there, but its light-hearted thrusts towards the sky will still manage make you smile.

Jumping for coins

You play as a weird beaver creature who's catapulted into the sky at the start of each turn. The air is littered with coins, platforms, and gems, all of which give you an extra boost upwards. Using '4' and '6', it's your job to bounce your way upwards, chasing nothing but your own highscore and sense of wellbeing.

Every coin you capture gives you cash to spend on extra boosts, which then appear throughout your subsequent attempts to extract one more metre out of your beaver-y leaps.

Rockets and potions send you hurtling upwards, while balloons gently slow your fall if you miss a platform, letting you hit one further down instead. You can even purchase do-overs, which let you continue your leap after crashing to your doom.

Flying beaver

The game is pleasant enough to look at, with simple sprites that don't take up too much of the screen and a tinkly soundtrack that you'll probably turn off anyhow. Its difficulty curve is smooth, and it manages to get more addictive the farther you get.

It's not original, and nor will it keep you up at night or encourage you to miss your bus stop. It's not that sort of game.

Giga Jump wants you to spend a few happy minutes with it here and there, leaping around and travelling vertically as far as you can. And you will, because jumping is inherently enjoyable.

Giga Jump

Entertaining and enjoyable in short bursts, Giga Jump won't keep you playing for hours, but the leaps you perform will leave you smiling