Ghost Recon 2 blasts onto mobile

Strap on your elite soldier suit and head for the Mexican border

Ghost Recon 2 blasts onto mobile

It sounds like a sequel, but Ghost Recon 2 is actually the first time Ghost Recon has been turned into a mobile game. Gameloft has done the honours, and the result looks like a blastfest of significant proportions.

You play Captain Mitchell, who's the boss of an elite US special forces ghost unit (sadly, this doesn't involve driving enemies from the battlefield by putting sheets over your head and shouting "BOO!").

It's 2014, and your job is to protect the US border against a bunch of Mexican rebels wielding burritos big guns. To help you, you've got all manner of high-tech weaponry, a souped-up jeep, and a crack team of special forces soldiers.

The game will also feature interactive scenery, presumably so you can blast it out of the way to feel even more manly while carrying out your duties.

Ghost Recon 2 is out this month, so get set for a suitably explosive review in the near future.