Location-based iPhone game Gbanga launches Red vs. Blue Independence battle

Flag collecting for the week

Location-based iPhone game Gbanga launches Red vs. Blue Independence battle
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Location-based gaming is starting to gain momentum, whether in terms of the VC money raised by the likes of Foursquare, or the launch of high profile games such as Grey Area's Shadow Cities.

Swiss outfit Millform has been running its Gbanga Famiglia location-based cross-platform mobile game for over a year now, and is looking to push on with the US 4th July celebrations its next promotional point.

Freedom bound

Labelled Gbanga Red vs Gbanga Blue, the team-based event runs within but separate to the ongoing mafia family-style gameplay as the Red and Blue teams are a different way of organising Gbanga's players.

Happening between July 1st to 6th, the game will reward all new players with a welcome kit of virtual items of $5 value (containing: 1 Mafia Villa, 3 Police Megaphones and 1 Respec'Da Bass).

Each team's goal is to collect as many flags as possible by walking around their locales. In addition, the top three players in the winning team each get to name a new Famiglias or clans in the main Gbanga Famiglia game.

You can find out more about the battle via its website, or get the free iPhone app using the App Store button below.

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