Free Fire: Garena launches the return of fan-favourite map Purgatory, bringing close quarters combat to all game modes

Free Fire: Garena launches the return of fan-favourite map Purgatory, bringing close quarters combat to all game modes
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The extremely popular third-person shooter battle royale Free Fire: Garena has announced the return of a fan-favourite arena to do battle within. Longtime players of Free Fire might recall the map Purgatory, which is one of the three unique stages players do battle upon within Free Fire’s normal game modes. Well, for those players who loved it, the map has once again returned to the rotation, and will now be able to be used within any of Free Fire’s game modes!

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For the unaware, Free Fire is one of the most successful currently supported battle royale games in the world. Despite this, a lot of Western gamers likely haven’t heard much about it, and that’s due to the fact that it is primarily seeing all of that success within Southeast Asian Regions. Still, even if most of the fame the game has is centralized, it does not keep Free Fire from being able to compete with even the likes of Warzone or Fortnite in terms of popularity.

So, it’s always quite an event when one of the three maps that have been available so far within Free Fire makes its way back to the game, as the dedicated and loyal fanbase have mostly been partaking in one map on repeat when they invest hours upon hours into the game on a daily basis. The variety of a new map to test your skills on is sure to excite hardcore players, especially one such as Purgatory.

Purgatory itself is an extremely close-quarters map, with only two big locations to choose from when you drop, and a smattering of smaller ones around those. This means a lot of the combat will take place right as soon as the round starts, so be sure you’re ready if you intend to hot drop onto those spots.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop into Purgatory now by downloading Free Fire: Garena for free at either of the links below.

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